"The Owl Hoot Trail"
Book One; Gold in the Red Desert
Book Two: The Withlacoochee Renegades
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What others who have read it said

September 2010 - "a must-read for Western Enthusiasts."
The Cowboy Chronicle reported in their September 2010 edition, on page 54, Sgt.
Shuster’s review of Gold In The Red Desert in which he says, "T.H.Bear artfully
weaves historical fact with his own imaginative cowboy fiction and the reader
will know he also doesn’t spare details and it’s obvious he has a great love for
the West ….both land and history. Gold In The Red Desert is not an easy book to
put down. In fact one cowboy at the biggest SASS Cowboy Shooting Event of the
year ‘End of Trail’, complained it adversely affected his shooting because every
time he tried to go to sleep, he’d pick up the book and turn to the next page and
read some more. All of this makes T.H.Bear’s Gold In The Red Desert a must-
read for Western enthusiasts."

Jim Gillis, Madison Florida
"Finished reading The Withlacoochee Renegades last evening.
As a published author myself as well as a retired attorney at law, I am somewhat
surprised at my loss for words, but I will try:"
"Enjoyable and gripping" "Exciting and historical?", even "Supurb!"
"T. H. Bear’s treatment of John Henry Holliday was excellent!  In fact, all of the
characters were really made to come to life!!!
He did this one "proud."  I would hope that some of the more knowledgeable
folks will eventually read his work for I am sure that it could well become a
standard, and for that matter bring some much needed "understanding" to
those ignorant of true American History.
Well done, sir!"

Larry Salser, Port Orange Florida
"I've been very much enjoying T. H. Bear’s latest book The Withlacoochee
Renegades. It is absolutely a page turner and keeps you wanting to read more.  
Not that his first book wasn't great (because it was), but this second one is
unbelievable. It's like he has become Grissom, Koontz, and many other top
writers all in one, and I'm saying that because it's true. Great Read about a part
of American History that has mostly been swept under the carpet by those in

"A Keeper"
Joe B. Ferrell ( Nashville, TN USA ) -
"It will keep you on the trail of the adventure with Cliff from Georgia to Wyoming
, after the War Between The States, just waiting for the next event to happen.
You will be like me, waiting to get the second book in this series from T H Bear.":

The Owl Hoot Trail Book One
Wayne Laing ( Casper WY )
"I loved the book. it was very good with the location and territory. The story will
get you in its grip and you won't want to put the book down. I think the book was
very well written and can't wait for the next book to come out so I can find out
what else Reb gets into. If the author gets into as much detail in the other the
stories as he did here he will get lots of attention."

Great Read!
B. Martinson ( SAN DIEGO , CA USA ) -
"Good stuff, a solid story with wonderful historic color. Leaves one looking for
book two."
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The Withlacoochee Renegades is
the story of "Reb" and Nadine
Brown's return to Georgia during
times many considered more
horrible than the Civil War itself,
“The Unholy Reconstruction
Period,” where Corruption
outnumbered Christianity in the
Occupational Government.
By T.H. Bear