The story Teller, T.H. Bear is a man born during The Big War to a
emigrant who migrated south from Grayson County Kentucky to the
east coast where he met a forth generation Florida woman and
married. A single son was born who grew up along Florida 's east coast
listing to tales spewed forth by his Grandmother of her Florida Indian
blood and the days of Reconstruction.

He attended college in middle Tennessee with a major in Public
Speaking and a minor in Bible, and later because the draw to
experience the west was as strong on him as it was to those who made
the same journey a century before, he lived in both Montana and

As a profession he spent twenty seven years wearing a badge and
toting a pistol on his hip. He added flying to his hobbies of shooting
and hunting and was a pilot for law enforcement agencies in both
Florida and Wyoming.

                                                                He began his first novel
"Man                                                          "Man of the Tide" in 1972
and                                                             and it is still a work in
in                                                                progress having over three
three                                                          thousand pages already
already                                                       written, a saga covering
                                                                 the seed of a shipwrecked
                                                                 sailor from 1678 for the next
                                                                 three hundred years.

To this date he has completed twelve novels both western and

His first published novel "The Owl Hoot Trail Book One, Gold in the
Red Desert " became available in 2006 and is the first of a trilogy of a
man and his family from the years of the War Between the States
through the 1880's. Books Two and Three, “The Withlacoochee
Renegades” and “The Long Trail”, will be out soon.
"Captain T.H. Bear & Officer  The Bear Lady"