The Withlacoochee Renegades
In front of the Napoleon Hotel and Social Club December 1877

SASS, and acronim for The Single Action Shooting Society, is the mother
organization for hundreds of smaller clubs that meet regularly to enjoy a day of
shooting and living a little of the old west we like to believe really happened.

In order to shoot you must be in pre 1900 costume or that of a western movie star
and you must shoot pre 1900 weapons or replica there of, single action revolvers,
lever action rifles, and double shotguns,(with  some exceptions). Also you must
shoot under an alias that fits your costume. *We shoot real guns and real bullets at
steel targets and each shoot is a series of scenarios that one must act out while
firing. This is not fast draw.........

The WITHLACOOCHEE Renegades meet the last Saturday of every month at
Estherbrook Stage Stop for a day of fun.

*A noon chuck is always available for shooters and guest.

Check us out at or call 850-929-2406