After college he began a carrier as a law enforcement Officer with a
three man police department, Later he became a State Trooper with
The Florida Highway Patrol and then a Pilot for the largest Sheriff's
Department in Wyoming. He returned to his home state to develop a
training program for a 100 man Police Department where he
eventually became assistant Police Chief. Lastly he returned to state
employment and was an Inspector for the Florida Department of Law
Enforcement and a certified Expert Witness in Alcohol Breath Testing
in many courts with in the state.

After retiring from employment with the state he worked for NASCAR
for several years before moving to North Florida to manage his own
airport (7FD9).

On this property he and his wife, The Bear Lady, constructed a range
and founded The Withlacoochee Renegades Hunt Club, a  shooting
organization certified by both The Single Action Shooting Society
(SASS) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).
 The "Bear Lady" , on the job,        
as T.H. found her out  West