....................The silence of the night too was interrupted by the squawk and voice of teamsters as they
communicated on their Citizen's Band mobile radios. "Breaker breaker this is the Alabama Roadrunner
anybody out there seen any Smokey's on 75?" and soon the request was answered by "Hello Alabama
Roadrunner you got the Rude Dude here and I just past a Bear north bound at mile post 132 with a
four-wheeler stopped." This information being transmitted over several miles sparked an immediate
interest among those travelers who find satisfaction and even slight pleasure in non-conforming with the
infractions of our legal system in this great nation.

Even those who had adjusted their seats and settled back to relax and listen to the monotone of Ralph
Emery and his guest, suddenly are fully awake and lowering the volume on their juke radios and increasing
it on their CB's.

On and on during the following several minutes as the State Trooper completed the traffic citation to the
offending driver of the 442 his small Walkie Talkie is alive with questions about his location.

"Is that Bear still at Mile Post 132 North Bound?" and soon would come the answer, "10-4 Good Buddy,
he's still there." and then silence again for a couple of minutes until another driver simply unable stand it
any longer would once more fill the air ways with, "Breaker breaker this is Ramblin' Rose, you boys know
if that Bear is still with the four-wheeler at 132 north bound." Of course the sound of a soft and intriguing
voice like that of Ramblin' Rose awoke the sleepiest of the teamsters and now everyone within in fifty
miles was alive wanting to supply her with an answer, for even though none could see her, all had images
of this Goddess like driver with the sweetest voice sharing their adventure over the open road. "10-4
Ramblin' Rose, you got the Ole Blue Ranger from Decanter Ill. here and I just passed that Bear and he's
still there, where you bound?" "Hello Blue Ranger, I have a load of Grapefruit bound for Winnipeg and I
thank you for the info. Stay awake now you hear." she said and all who could hear her smiled and tried to
envision her. Is she a blond, a Redhead, a Brunette, Is she as sweet as she sounds, Is she pretty? Does she
have a great body? Sure she does, she's all of these things, out here on a lonely night.

The completion of a traffic stop seldom takes less than ten minutes or more than twenty and on this night
in late October when the Trooper completed his stop and allowed the speeder to proceed on his way he
turned off his blue light and was just about to resume normal patrol when the noise of a approaching
vehicle grabbed his attention. The south bound car was not yet insight because of the small hill between
them, but the sound was not one a trained ear would miss. "He's apein' ass." The Trooper said to himself
and knowing there wasn't time to set up a VASCAR clock he grabbed the small Radar Gun and waited
until the Corvette topped the hill and only then did he pull the trigger, The three seconds it took for the
radar beam to travel there and bounce back seemed a lifetime as he watched the sleek Chevrolet rush
down the long grade, finally the big red LED lights flickered and then locked and 97 Miles an hour was
displayed on the small screen.
The Trooper simply turned on his overhead dome and
flashed a quick spotlight beam across the hood of the
approaching car, which immediately began to slow
down. The Trooper cranked his 440 and slowly rumbled
across the wide grassy median and awaited Vette to

Just as he was stepping out adjusting his Stetson with
his right hand while holding his Kel Light with the
other his attention was suddenly stolen from the
vehicle ahead by another exchange coming over the
CB, "Breaker breaker, is that Bear still with that
four-wheeler north bound at 132?" Followed by another
voice which replied "That Bear now has one stopped
south bound at 132." and seconds later came the words
that would stay with the Trooper for the rest of his life
when the other trucker replied "That sure is a Hungry
ole Bear."

The Trooper smiled at that and for ever there after his
handle would be 'The Hungry Bear'.

That same year he began scribbling on a yellow legal
pad the words to his first book. The saga of "Man of
the Tide" a work in progress that may take half a
century to complete as it covers American history from
1678 forward for three hundred years.

T.H. Bear and that same 440 Dodge Patrol Car