T.H. Bear is constantly working on new stories as the spirit hits him.
His great love and work of art is "Man of the Tide" which is
approximately three quarters finished and is ever in his heart,
however other ideas erupt as volcanoes spewing forth ideas and
stories that can't be ignored, so he is often torn between working on
his first love and the new torments that explode in his thoughts from
time to time.

At present he is working on the series "The Rifleman", a tale of a
Viet Nam vet who was an artist in his own right as a sniper for the
U.S. Army in South East Asia, and after returning state side becomes
a law enforcement officer, however when lady justice allows
technicalities to unbalance her scales his old talent is reborn, much
to the dismay of the bad guys, sleazy attorneys and corrupt Judges.

He is also writing a story where his two granddaughters are the main