T.H. Bear is an author of Historical Novels, Cowboy Action adventure tales, Murder Mystery
thrillers and just plain the damnist story teller since Louis L'Amour or Zane Gray graced our
hearts and minds through the window of our eyes.  Come ride with us on a quest for knowledge as
we investigate the soul that makes up this complex yet so common a man that if you shared with
him a seat on a Boeing or Western Electric rail car you would never suspect seated beside you was
The Story Teller.
First we would have to investigate the origin of the
name and this would take us back in time some thirty
five or more years to a lonely stretch of road on a dark
night. Although the black air was interrupted
occasionally by the headlights of a passing vehicle it was
mainly lit by the slow turning of the twin spotlights
caged inside the blue dome.......
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T.H. and Bear Lady - 1878
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Liz Dolbare
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